Environment, Health and Safety


In order to protect our environment for future generations and leave them a healthy a world, Dalan operates in a way which is sensitive to natural resources and ecology, adhering to environmental management system criteria and adopting an environment-friendly approach to production.

Our aim is to reduce consumption and to develop environmentalist products and systems which simplify recycling and reuse. By using environment-friendly production technologies, we aim to consume minimum amount of water and energy, in order contribute to prevention of global warming. We aim to create minimum amount of waste, in order to contribute to preservation of ecological balance.

The waste water from production, is treated in accordance with the discharge standards required by Izmir City and is discharged to City Waste Treatment Facility channel system located in Çiğli.

Dalan is conscious that environmental responsibilities do not end with production and distribution and works with CEVKO Institution, authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Forests, in order to ensure recycling and return of all its packaging wastes.

Work Safety

A Dalan WS Board and a WS Consultant convenes from Dalan employees who know Dalan production structure well and who are experienced in WS. The board and the consultant make monthly examinations and controls, after which apparent problems are reported to top management, in order to secure implementation and continuity of WS solutions. The aim of this activity is to create a work environment where all employees can work in safety.

ISO 14001 2015
ISO 45001 2018
ISO 50001