Dalan Kimya End. A.Ş, aims to provide products and services of worldwide quality and halal standards in soap, glycerin and cosmetics sector in consideration of consumer preferences and international production criteria.   


In line with these targets we hereby commit:   


·            To consider our employees as our valuable assets, adapting innovative work and supporting their continuous development,

·            The best parts of continuous improvement and development of innovative product and operating Processes,

·            To perform activities focused consumer and stakeholder satisfaction from production to consumption, 

·            To perform and respectful environment friendly production of natural life for a better living environment to leave to next generations,

·            The best parts of a working environment for all employees to work safely and satisfactorily,

·            To take necessary measures for possible physical, chemical, microbiological and allergenic ThreatSense before their occurrence in terms of halal management systems,

·            To conduct operations of our company in consideration of all legal Regulations, benefits and country interests general public in an honest and responsible manner to our society ,,

·            To note preventer sales of products with halal Halal logo,


                    We, as Dalan Kimya End. A.Ş., hereby commit to follow up all of these activities by continuously developing them.  


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